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INSIDE EDITION profiled Bonnie's book, EXTREME WEATHER, on their national show hosted by Deborah Norville.


Bonnie Schneider on top-rated Dallas morning show (ABC affiliate, WFAA-TV).


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Buffalo's Long Time Chief Meteorologist of Ch. 4, WIVB, says "Extreme Weather" is a book that can save lives. 

Video:  Tornados, Floods, Hail...Oh My! 

Bonnie on "Fox & Friends" with host Steve Doocy





Click to listen to nationally-syndicated hosts Eric Harley and Gary McNamara interview meteorologist Bonnie Schneider about EXTREME WEATHER live from their Dallas studios.

Bonnie Schneider  Extreme Weather 

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Winter is finally coming -- are you ready???






Surviving Wild Weather



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How Tech Can Prepare You for Extreme Weather 



Tornados And Tsunamis: How To Survive Extreme Weather




Lidia Bastianich teaches disaster cooking



BOOK Reviews:

1)In twenty years of delivering sailboats to far-flung quaysides, John Kretschmer has had innumerable adventures, many in challenging weather - including a mid-winter crossing of the North Atlantic during which he discovered the existence of Force 13 winds. He has logged over 200,000 bluewater miles over the course of his career, and has sailed all manner of watercraft.

 The author of three books and a contributing editor and columnist for Sailing Magazine for twenty years, here is John's review of Bonnie Schneider's EXTREME WEATHER:

  "When a weather emergency strikes, the key to survival is clear thinking and decisive action.  And that's what makes Bonnie Schneider's book so valuable. It's written with clarity and is filled with specific actions that if taken will save lives when disaster calls at your door, be it a flash flood, earthquake, wildfire, or severe thunderstorm. Personal anecdotes will inspire you to be proactive before extreme weather threatens, but when it does, Extreme Weather provides a bullet point by bullet point roadmap to a safe outcome."

-- John Kretschmer, Author: At The Mercy of the Sea, Flirting With Mermaids, Cape Horn to Starboard

2) "Most TV meteorologists seem content to stand in front of a screen, wave their arms around and read a teleprompter, but not CNN’s Schneider — for this tome, she’s gathered expert advice about how to survive weather so bad it needs CAPITAL LETTERS, from TORNADOES to TSUNAMIS. This winter, reading about heat waves may make for pleasant escapism, and learning about snowstorms could save your life! Palgrave"


3) "A user-friendly pocket guide for those unexpectedly at the mercy of Mother Nature."


4) "A broadcast meteorologist at CNN, Schneider presents a guide to help readers navigate the dangerous and uncertain times during and after a natural disaster. The first 11 chapters each focus on a single type of weather emergency and give families advice on how to prepare and plan for each variety of disaster. Every scenario begins with a narrative of a real-life experience involving that particular natural disaster. Schneider draws much of her material from government emergency-management agencies. Her extensive use of bullet points makes for choppy reading but adds to the work's value as a handbook or guide, especially for readers consulting it at the last minute. The author includes a section on pet welfare in each chapter, a valuable addition often excluded in disaster-planning guides. The book focuses on weather disasters but also covers wildfires, rip tides, tsunamis, and earthquakes. The final chapters focus on disasters and social media, family disaster planning, and emergency supplies for people and pets. VERDICT A copy of this book should be in every home, especially those with pets or other animals. Recommended for all readers"



Bonnie on HLN's "Special Report" with host Vinnie Politan.



Extreme Weather


I’m very honored to have my pet fire safety advice prominently featured in an upcoming book called “Extreme Weather” by the fabulous Bonnie Schneider, Meteorologist. Release date January 31, 2012.

Flash floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, thunderstorms, and wildfires–these devastating events are happening around the world at an alarming rate. As a Meteorologist on CNN and HLN, Bonnie Schneider reports on these natural disasters, explaining when they’re likely to strike, and telling viewers how to respond when they do. In Extreme Weather, Schneider distills that information into a guide for readers. She interviews experts from a wide variety of agencies—including FEMA and NOAA—to provide a comprehensive understanding of the science behind weather patterns and the latest thinking on how to act in dangerous conditions. Ranging from topics that cover every season and every climate, Schneider introduces the reader to the best course of action during weather emergencies, including:

*how to handle extreme weather scenarios in your car, outside, on a boat or at home

*how to prepare for potential dangers, such as deadly lightning, when planning a camping trip, vacation or sports outing

*what you need to have at home to protect against floods, earthquakes, or severe storms

*how to protect your home from rapidly spreading wildfire

*how to create a family evacuation plan for different emergencies

*making sure your beloved pet is taken care of in time of disaster