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"At a time when extreme weather events seem more troubling than ever, Bonnie Schneider provides an engaging, readable guide for how to handle yourself and your family should you be threatened by a disaster. It's an important book to read and keep handy just in case…"
--Paula S. Apsell, Senior Executive Producer, NOVA, WGBH Educational Foundation

"Even in my world of business,  the weather is a variable we can't always account for, but that can cost all of us money. I've reported for CNN from a Gulf of Mexico oil rig as Hurricane Katrina approached, from Grand Isle, LA as Hurricane Gustav hit, and from lower Manhattan as Hurricane Irene threatened the financial nerve center of the world. Meteorologist Bonnie Schneider, in her book "Extreme Weather", offers great insight into whether and how you can prepare yourself and your family before conditions outside become treacherous and life-threatening."

-- Ali Velshi

CNN Anchor & Chief Business Correspondent

Co-Author, "How to Speak Money"


 "As a news anchor on HLN, everyday I tell viewers about what's happening in the world. Many of those stories describe the devastating role of extreme weather on people's lives. This year, stories about tornadoes in Alabama and Missouri, wildfires in Texas, and even an unusual earthquake near Washington, DC, have been prominent in news coverage. Bonnie Schneider's book Extreme Weather is right on the pulse of what people affected by these natural disasters are most wanting to know- how can I prepare if this happens again? Her advice is easy to follow, and her profiles on weather survivors are compelling to read."

-- Susan Hendricks

Anchor, HLN